7th August 2017

Unfamiliar Text – Task 1

  1. ‘Family Holiday’, written by S Daly, from the short story Phenomena

a) – stuck in middle of bridge and waves crashed and sucked everything

b) (i) Onomatopoeia – the waves crashed

(ii) The writer uses onomatopoeia to show that she has negative feeling towards the family trip as if everything that has happened has been bad such as her getting stuck on the bridge and the waves taking everything away.


a) Identify 2 language features that develop the narrators feelings about the holiday. Give an example.

Personification: A wave leapt up onto the beach

Onomatopoeia: The waves crashed down and sucked everything away

b)Discuss how your chosen language features along with others in the text, develop an emotional theme for the family holiday

When the writer uses personification they use the word leapt. Leapt is a sudden movement.

The writer uses the word crash and sucked through onomatopoeia to give a negative feel to their holiday. These words gives us her emotion towards her family holiday as if it might suck and they she doesn’t want to be on it or that everything on the holiday is going bad for her such as not being able to go into the water and getting stuck on the bridge.

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